ATmega328P Pinout labels

I’ve been looking for microcontroller labels for the ATmega 328P online and I haven’t found any that I liked, they are very hard to read. That’s why I designed my own and I’d like to share them with you for free. Enjoy!

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UNO Components library

As promised, I publish the first components library to make pinouts.
In particular it’s a library dedicated to Arduino Uno Boards, clones and related projects.
The file contains several vector formats and any component can be expanded (For example the Atmega328 with and without socket)

Have fun!

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ESP32 Eagle library

New ESP32 Eagle library available!

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I began to add new tools on the 555, are as always available to menu “Tools”
Have been added too:

Multilayer Inductor Calculator
RLC Resonance Calculator
Wire Self Inductance Calculator
Parallel Wire Inductance Calculator

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Tools, Tools, Tools!

Added new tools!
The electronics calculators of the site now include:

a RLC Calculator
a Loop Inductance Calculator
a Coil Inductance Calculator

All already available to the menu Tools.

Soon with the new instruments :)

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